Microsoft Authenticator Goes Post-Beta on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Authenticator Goes Post-Beta on Windows 10 Mobile

While a redesigned Microsoft Authenticator app has long been available on both iOS and Android, it has only just emerged from the beta phase on Windows 10 Mobile. On that OS, you can now use this app for speedily and securely verifying your identity on the internet across a range of accounts.

Microsoft Authenticator, which replaces Azure Authenticator on Windows 10 Mobile, lets the especially security-conscious take advantage of what is often called two-step verification or multi-factor authentication. The new version’s features include, as MSPoweruser reports, a new user interface and the option to approve MFA challenges on a connected Apple Watch.

However, it has taken five months for Microsoft to add the post-beta version of Microsoft Authenticator to the Windows Store – likely due to the huge irrelevance of Windows 10 Mobile. As we reflect in the new AppleMagazine issue’s cover article, iOS and Android are now fighting essentially a two-horse race in a mobile market from which BlackBerry has also largely withdrawn.

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