Microsoft Building Lightweight Windows as ChromeOS Competitor

Microsoft is developing a new version of its Windows operating system in a bid to compete against ChromeOS and appeal to dual-screen users.

According to a report, Microsoft is developing Windows Lite, which will be a stripped-down version of the popular operating system.

The new OS is being designed with dual-screen devices in mind, with Microsoft hoping to tap into the growing dual-screen laptop and foldable display market.

Microsoft has already been working on a new shell and Windows Core OS, which is a modular version of the operating system that is being used by hardware such as the HoloLens2 and the Surface Hub 2X, releasing this year.

It’s thought that this project has been in development for a number of years to allow developers and hardware manufacturers to pick and choose the core features and elements they need, disposing of unnecessary features and bloat.

The new Windows Lite will sport a similar interface to the current Windows 10 design, although it will offer a more streamlined design that looks similar to that of ChromeOS.

Last year, one tech fan created a mock-up of the proposed interface based on his internal knowledge, although, in the world of UI, there’s no guarantee that the end product will look anything like it does today.

In the same vein, it’s thought that Microsoft is currently working on its own dual-screen laptop device, and plans to ship it with the Windows Lite OS as a flagship model.

The idea is that Windows Lite will offer more performance but fewer functionalities, just how ChromeOS appeals to a price-conscious market.

Remember that Microsoft tried to release a stripped-back version of Windows in the past, with Windows 10 S.

This mode allowed users only to download software and apps from the Microsoft Store but was panned by critics and users as being too restrictive and difficult to use productively.

It’s unknown when Microsoft will officially unveil Windows Lite, but it’s clear that it wants to capitalize on the growing success of ChromeOS and take a bite of the market, especially when you consider that the company has withdrawn from smartphones and mobile operating systems.

If Microsoft can create a streamlined, low-cost operating system for tablets, notebooks, and dual-screen devices, Windows could be catapulted into the new era of computing and stand its ground against iOS, Android, and ChromeOS.

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