Microsoft Dedicates Studio to Mobile Games

Microsoft has been scrambling recently to “catch up” to Apple on the tablet front. They’ve already managed to crank out their own device and also crafted the “Windows 8 App Store” which will be showing up in the near future. But a recent report today suggests that Microsoft is setting their sites on a genre that they are already familiar with, gaming.

Sources state that the tech mega-corp is opening a subsidiary studio in the United Kingdoms that will be dedicated to producing an array of triple-A mobile titles for use on its Surface Tablet. The device is set to drop in October, and analysts suggest that this is a preemptive strike for Microsoft.

With their own company at the head, it’s suggested that many, if not all, of these working titles will be Microsoft exclusive, meaning they won’t show up in either the Android or Apple App Store. Both Apple and Android already practice this tactic and each have an array of applications that are specific to their platforms.

We don’t have much information pertaining to the company, but we do know that it will be based (at least for now) in the Microsoft Studios Great Pulteney Street Office in London. According to employment ads, the company is currently seeking new recruits and is planning on opening its development sector in November. There is no word on who exactly will be spearheading the endeavor, but we do know that former Rare production director Lee Schuneman will be involved.

Schubeman made the following statements regarding the startup;

“I’m hugely excited by this new venture. Adding a fourth UK-based studio to the incredible roster of talent already in place not only increases our in-region studio presence, but will allow Microsoft Studios to explore the many creative and business opportunities that developing new games and entertainment experiences on Windows 8 tablet devices and platforms will afford.”

This studio creation is just one more piece of evidence that proves that Microsoft is planning to battle Apple on all consumer technology fronts, especially the tablet market.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

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