Microsoft Developing 7-Inch “Xbox Surface” Tablet

Microsoft is continuing to “battle Apple on all fronts.” A report from The Verge suggests that the tech giant is planning on releasing a small version of its 10-inch Surface Tablet to better compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. But that doesn’t mean that this 7-inch model will mirror its larger predecessor.

According to the report, Microsoft is planning on turning its miniature device into something called the “Xbox Surface,” a tablet that would be more suitable for gaming. It is also said that the Xbox Surface would run a scaled down version of Windows, rather than Windows RT or Windows 8.

Microsoft is being very secretive about the device and has shut down numerous buildings on its campus to keep the prying eye of the media at bay. Sources state that Microsoft is going to be bringing on a variety of different “development squads” to assist in the creation of specialized games and software that will become exclusive to the tablet. It is also expected that Foxconn will take over the production responsibilities for the device, and Microsoft plans on using the exact same production facilities that is used to create its Surface Tablet to create the Xbox Surface.

It is rumored that this tablet will also play a big part in Microsoft’s plans for its SmartGlass application. The app has already been released onto the Android Marketplace, and developers are now free to craft games that make use of SmartGlass’ features.

The Xbox Surface could be Microsoft’s attempt to put more of their tablets into the hands of hardcore gamers who have already shown a huge interest in SmartGlass’ capabilities. Only time will tell what motives the company truly has for this tablet design, but at least we know that a 7-inch Microsoft tablet is in the works.

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