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Microsoft Hit By Phone Patent Issue

Microsoft have seen their smartphone ambitions hit once again after losing the first round of a patent battle that could result in their handsets being banned from the US. The International Trade Commission (ITC) said that the company has been using technology developed by InterDigital without being permitted to do so. This could mean most of their handsets can no longer be imported into the US.

The company plans to challenge the decision, although the judge’s findings will need to be reviewed before the import ban can be implemented. Microsoft said: “The judge’s findings will be subject to a review before any import ban comes into force.

The tech giant says that it has a “successful track record” in challenging patent assertions. Judge Theodore Essex said that the company had infringed two wireless patents related to tech used to power up phones and connect them to 3G. The import ban would hit most of its handsets being made outside of the US being imported into the country. A final decision is expect in August.

InterDigital has also been involved in disputes with Samsung and Huawei. Microsoft is still struggling to make its smartphone business a success since acquiring part of Nokia.

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