Microsoft Office iOS Apps Now Support Egnyte and Learnium

Microsoft Office iOS Apps Now Support Egnyte and Learnium

The iOS versions of the Microsoft Office apps Word, PowerPoint and Excel have today been updated to allow users to flexibly access and store Office files with the services Egnyte and Learnium.

Though it would already have been perfectly possible to store Office files with both of these services, it is only with the new updates that files stored in this way can now be retrieved for opening within one of the Office apps on iOS. Edits made within these apps can now be saved back to Egnyte or Learnium, too.

The addition of this integration is a smart move on Microsoft’s part, considering that the business and student communities are among the most regular users of Microsoft Office. Egnyte is used by the enterprise for file sharing, while Learnium enables students to more easily share documents.

Word, PowerPoint and Excel are all free to download from the iOS App Store.

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