Microsoft Quietly Became $1 Trillion Company Early This Year

Though, financially, Microsoft has fared much worse than its historical rival Apple in recent years, the company that became a tech giant under Bill Gates did quietly became a $1 trillion firm earlier this year.

On his blog, “technologist, writer, activist” Jeff Reifman has revealed his discovery, when researching Microsoft’s Washington State tax breaks, that the past quarter saw the company’s cumulative revenues exceed the magic $1 trillion figure. Not that Microsoft has openly boasted about it…

Reifman’s data indicates that Apple reached the same $1 trillion milestone last year, helped along by the heftier price tags the company has attached to its hardware. Both companies, however, have doubtless benefitted from historical advantages; Microsoft was founded way back in 1975, followed by Apple in 1976. Google, by contrast, started out only in 1998, while Amazon began in 1994.

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