Microsoft Releases iOS Version of Cortana for US and China

Microsoft has just released a version of Cortana, the digital personal assistant accompanying Windows 10, for iOS. The new app is part of the Redmond corporation’s drive to ensure that Cortana can be seamlessly synchronized across desktop and mobile even for owners of non-Windows smartphones.

Though the availability of Cortana on iOS is currently limited to the US and China, if you like to couple your iPhone with a Windows 10 computer, you can now effectively start using the assistant on your home PC before keeping Cortana in your pocket as you leave the house.

As Microsoft has detailed in a blog post, it is now possible to, for example, set a location-based reminder – such as to buy some milk at your local grocery store – on your Windows 10 computer at home, then be notified by Cortana on your iPhone the next time you reach that location.

Other features include the ability to, without leaving your computer, send a quick text in response to a missed call on your iPhone. Cortana is now in the App Store and requires iOS 8 or later.

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