Microsoft SmartGlass App Finally Released For iOS

Microsoft has finally released its SmartGlass application for use on iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Microsoft has already released the app for use on Android devices. All you Apple fans can now grab the tool for free, which will allow you to perform a variety of tasks on your Xbox 360 console right from your iDevice.

Currently, SmartGlass users can change profile information, compare game achievements, surf content, and change minor settings on their console. As seen at this year’s E3, players will be able to perform a variety of in-game tasks from their iDevice. These tasks will be decided by the game developers who will be able to develop content into SmartGlass with a kit provided by Microsoft.

This release is just in time for Halo 4, which is considered the first released game that features SmartGlass comparability. Players will be able to track stats and information regarding new weapon unlocks and character additions. All of this will be available during gameplay giving users a much better picture of their progression through the game without the need to exit their session.

Xbox 360 fans are definitely going to want to pick this tool up, as it’s only going to get better in the following months. You can grab SmartGlass right now from the App Store for free.

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