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Microsoft Teases Their Direct Competitor To The Amazon Echo

Microsoft has recently unveiled their answer to the Amazon Echo and the Google Home speaker, showcasing a voice-controlled speaker which will incorporate Microsoft’s own personal assistant, Cortana.

Cortana is similar to Apple’s Siri and has appeared on smartphones and PCs. Now Microsoft has expressed the desire to incorporate her into other devices around the house such as toasters and thermostats.

The device is said to have been manufactured by audio hardware specialists Harman Kardon. This may cause an issue for Microsoft in the near future, as Harman Kardon’s parent company is currently being acquired by Samsung, who are trying to create a smart assistant of their own.

What was originally considered a novelty is starting to earn recognition. The successful launch of Siri, followed by other similar smart assistants, has lead to a rise in popularity for screenless smart speakers.

Could we see Apple releasing a smart speaker of their own soon?

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