Microsoft Tops India’s Fast-Growing Software Market in 2014

In 2014, software revenue in India reached a total of $4 billion, an impressive rise in the 2013 figure of $3.7 billion. These figures have just been reported by the IT advisory firm Gartner, and Microsoft can claim much of the credit for this growth, as the company was responsible for 25% of all software sales in India last year – making it that country’s top-selling software vendor.

Bhavish Sood, research director at Gartner, has described the South Asian country’s corporate software marketplace as “dynamic and ever-changing”, adding that healthier international economic conditions have “somewhat relaxed the strain on the Indian economy, thereby boosting corporate sentiments.”

Increasing adoption and development of software as a service, or SaaS, and changing purchasing behaviors and styles seem to have particularly helped India’s software market, which has seen a higher growth rate than any of the other BRICS economies – Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. Oracle and IBM, the two software vendors that follow Microsoft in the top-selling list, have also played their part.

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