Microsoft Unveils its First Ever Laptop, the Surface Book

Early Adopters Report Various Problems with New Surface Book

At its big media event in New York today, Microsoft wowed the crowd with a number of exciting new products – especially notably its first ever laptop, a MacBook Pro rival called the Surface Book.

The Surface Book boasts a 267PPI PixelSense Display measuring 13.5 inches, backlit keyboard which can be used almost silently, 12-hour battery life and machined magnesium shell. It is also powered by the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and comes with up to 16GB RAM for efficient performance.

A more unique touch, however, and one that helps to set it apart from the MacBook Pro, is a hinge that resembles links on a watch strap and allows the display to be detached from the keyboard. Such separation can leave the former looking like something of a large professional use tablet.

Users of the Surface Book are also likely to appreciate that the display is bonded to the glass covering it – which will ensure that on-screen content looks like it is literally on, rather than under, the glass surface.

The various specs we have listed here are certainly impressive. Microsoft has revealed that the Surface Book, which will have Windows 10 Pro preinstalled, will hit the market on October 26, priced from a base of $1,499.

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