Minecraft Is Now Available On Apple TV

The immensely popular building and exploration game has been ported to nearly every different gaming platform under the sun, and now they’ve brought it over to the Apple TV. Minecraft: Apple TV Edition is available to download now and comes pre-packaged with a slew of past DLC updates, such as the City Folk and Holiday 2015 skin packs.

The launch version of the Apple TV edition will also come with the newest Ender update included. The Ender Update has also made its way to the Pocket edition of Minecraft at the same time and adds additional single player game-play, plus a bunch of new enemies and items to find in The End.

However, the Apple TV version of Minecraft does not have any Xbox Live or Microsoft Realms support, which is something that the developers want to amend in the near future. These, along with future updates, are going to help the Apple TV version catch up to the plethora of other versions available on the market; making players even more spoiled for choice than they already were.

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