Mini Metro – free iOS update adds retro subway maps

What is Mini Metro?

Mini Metro (iOS, $4.99 – App Store) is a strategy simulation game from Dinosaur Polo Club, where you must design subway maps to keep a busy city moving. Plan and draw new train lines, connect stations, get carriages moving and keep the population happy. Your ability to design an efficient travel structure will influence passenger movement and train traffic. So, subway queues mean you lose! Redesign your network as the city grows with tracks and tunnels but beware, you only have limited resources. Is your subway system going to grind to a halt, or can you keep it on track? The new map updates are quite a reward for your efforts!


Old meets New

Released on iOS in 2016 to positive reviews, the game has a beautiful, minimalist look which is well suited to iPhone and iPad usage. Its visual elegance combines with fast, real-time puzzles to provide an addictive gameplay format. The new updates are free and also feature sound effects. The iconic subway systems added are:

  • London, 1960: Nearly 30 years since his revolutionary first map, Harry Beck created his last vision of the underground in 1960.
  • New York City, 1972: Inspired by the iconic London map, Massimo Vignelli produced this modernist interpretation of the MTA.
  • Paris, 1937: In contrast to the sleek modern design, the elegant Seine dances through Paris in this pre-war map.

However, to access the vintage maps, you must deliver 1,000 passengers on the original map of the three cities. Do you build more lines, bridges or add stations, to keep the city happy? It is harder than you think! Dinosaur Polo Club have a great record of providing updates for Mini Metro, along with game tweaks and even an ‘endless’ mode. Here, the passenger numbers are automatically decreased when things get hectic, meaning that you cannot lose. You can use this as a ‘practice’ area for your subway strategies, to sharpen the planning skills that will make your city a dynamic metropolis!

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