Mini Tablet War Begun – iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire

It has been evident since the first rumors of a possible iPad Mini began popping up that Apple was trying to steal the small tablet market away from the e-Readers that doubled as tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and Nook. Once they announced an improved iBooks app, that point was really hammered home. And now, the Amazon Fire is fighting back.

Amazon is reporting that they had their biggest sales day of the Kindle Fire HD since their original launch day. “Wednesday was the $199 Kindle Fire HD’s biggest day of sales since launch and up 3x week over week.” It seems they want the public to know that not only did the iPad Mini announcement not affect their business, it seemed to help their business.

However, Amazon hasn’t released just what those numbers are, just that it’s their highest since launch. As for Apple, they have announced that they are already sold out of the white iPad Mini, just like Apple always does when their new devices go on sale. Again, there’s no way of judging this really without any real numbers to compare.

What it would seem like, though, from looking at Amazon’s announcement is that some people were waiting for the iPad Mini announcement to make a decision on which small tablet to get. Either they weren’t impressed with what was shown, or they decided the $329 was too much and that they preferred the $199 for the Kindle Fire. Yet Apple’s sales haven’t bombed out or anything, so it’s not like the Kindle Fire has won the war just yet. It doesn’t seem like anyone has won this war, and there probably won’t ever be a declared winner as long as there is such a demand in the markertplace.

Photo Sources: Apple and Amazon


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