Mira Winery Partners with Eddie Bush for ‘Eat, Drink & Sing’

Mira Winery and recording artist Eddie Bush announced the release of “Eat, Drink & Sing,” an album of originally written and produced songs inspired by the experiences and memories created when friends gather to enjoy food, wine and music.

Eat, Drink & Sing” is available through iTunes and CD and can be heard on Pandora and at iHeartRadio.

“Mira Winery has created a spectacular array of wines that, when shared by friends and accompanied by music, have led to some incredible stories,” said Mira President, Jim “Bear” Dyke, Jr. “We wanted to capture the spirit of those experiences in song so they could be shared and enjoyed, and partnering with Eddie was the perfect fit.”

According to a release, in 2001, Bush wrote, “Spirit of America” which became part of the rotation by stations nationwide and found its way to U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. In 2005, Bush joined Chris Roberts and Royal Reed to form “One Flew South” which signed with Decca/Universal in New York. Their debut album “Last of the Good Guys” included their Billboard Hot Country single “My Kind of Beautiful.

“I’ve witnessed the tangible impact music can have on listeners, whether it is by bringing people together in down times or over excellent wine and food,” Bush said. “I was thrilled to partner with Mira on this project and I truly believe it captures the essence of what transpires when friends gather.”

The partnership comes at a time when independent artists and companies increasingly find similarities. According to The New York Times, “corporate partners are playing an increasingly significant role in marketing in the music industry, which has seen album sales cut in half over the last decade.” In 2004, Starbucks shook the music industry by outselling all retail vendors of a Ray Charles’ release. By 2016, record store sales are projected to drop another 77.4 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal.