Mobile Visual Search Engine App, CamFind, Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

CamFind icon and logo. (PRNewsFoto/Image Searcher, Inc.)
CamFind icon and logo. (PRNewsFoto/Image Searcher, Inc.)
Image Searcher, Inc. announced today that its mobile visual search engine app for iOS, CamFind (, surpassed 1 million downloads in the Apple App Store.

CamFind ( was released in the Apple App Store on April 7, 2013. It reached its first 500,000 downloads on July 30, 2013.

“Today we truly cemented CamFind as the leader in the mobile visual search space,” said Dominik Mazur, CEO of Image Searcher. “We also proved the validity of the overall business model, as we’re already profitable per search even though we rely on the human component to help process images. Our next goal is to complete the development of CamFind for Android and to have it released into Google Play in the coming months.”

Since its release, a number of reporters drew the comparison between CamFind and its competitor, Google Goggles. Most publications concluded that CamFind is the superior app.

The development of CamFind and its back-end technology took nearly one and a half years to complete. The app utilizes a proprietary technology that involves computer vision and crowdsourcing to produce search results at an accuracy level of 85% or higher. CamFind processes thousands of images per day, with a response time of 15 seconds or less per image.

“As a company we have been committed to delivering the most superior mobile visual search solution to people all around the world,” said Mazur. “Our team is constantly monitoring the quality and speed of CamFind. We are always exploring new ways of improving the user experience.”

CamFind’s search process begins once the user takes a picture of any object of interest from any angle. The app then identifies the object and presents an intent screen with the following modules: Internet search results, related and similar images, price comparisons and online shopping, related places and address finder, and movie trailers (if applicable).

In addition, CamFind boasts many time-saving functionalities, such as: Language translator, ability to upload and save images to or from the camera roll, QR and barcode scanner, voice search, text search, and social sharing.

In September 2013, Image Searcher released its API, CamFind API (, to the general public. CamFind API is the leading replacement to fill the void left by Yahoo!’s purchase of IQ Engines. It is the same technology that powers both of Image Searcher’s apps, CamFind and TapTapSee (

Image Searcher, Inc./PRNewswire