MobileKids App Provides Snapshot of Child’s Mobile Phone Use


PALO ALTO, Calif. — Mobile personal safety product developer Bipper’s newest app for iPhone and Android devices, MobileKids, enables parents to monitor activity and set limits on a child’s mobile phone use without eavesdropping on private conversations or combing through text messages. The app includes filters to block inappropriate downloads and contacts and GPS-tracking capabilities, features accessible from the parent’s phone that aim to alleviate worries about a child’s safety.

The mobile app, downloaded and installed on both the parent’s and child’s mobile phones, reports new downloads and contacts and compiles daily and weekly reports on when and how frequently the child uses the mobile phone. A child knows when the app is installed and can view settings established by parents.

Customizable features on the MobileKids app include the following:

  • App Controls that show apps downloaded and used by the child and allowparents to block unsuitable ones
  • Contact Controls that display the child’s new phone contacts and enableparents to permit or block selected phone numbers
  • Time Controls that let parents set restrictions for the child’s mobilephone use such as during nighttime or study time
  • Usage Controls that help parents manage phone bill costs by placingconsumption limits on minutes, texts, Wi-Fi, Multimedia MessagingService (MMS) and other data
  • Safety Alarm, a GPS-powered package that includes a one-click SOS buttonand guardian alert children can activate when they feel lost or unsafeand real-time tracking capabilities that allow parents to immediatelylocate their child according to schedule or need

MobileKids is the latest mobile product offering for Bipper, whose bSafe mobile personal safety alarm for adults and children was one of the top three iPhone app downloads in Norway prior to its U.S. debut. Entrepreneur and mother Silje Vallestad launched the company in partnership with European phone carriers to offer custom mobile solutions that addressed her concerns as a parent of children eager to own smartphones.

“Our mobile solutions provide parents with a greater degree of assurance about a child’s safety while using mobile phones,” Vallestad said. “We aim to help parents define limits for a mobile generation much like parents did in previous generations when the only phone in the household was a landline attached to a wall.”

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