MONTAJ App Launches as Social Community to Share Life’s Greatest Moments

MONTAJ App Launches as Social Community to Share Life's Greatest Moments. (PRNewsFoto/MONTAJ)

New iPhone App Revolutionizes Consumer Video Sharing, Creating High Quality Content

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Today, MONTAJ brings the mobile community an application that makes high quality video content accessible to everyone. Creators Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long have set out to redefine video content in social networking. MONTAJ is a revolutionary iPhone application that combines a sharable social feed with a video tool that is easy to utilize available NOW on the Apple store. MONTAJ breaks through the barriers of mobile sharing apps, combining everything consumers love about creating and sharing content. It has captured the hearts of some of the most creative minds in music and film, including actor Adrian Grenier and music industry veteran, Jason Flom.

By design, MONTAJ is the new method for the mobile video medium: it streamlines editing decisions that block the creative spark. The innovative “Shake-to-Edit” feature surprises and delights creating a new movie with your clips at the shake of a wrist. Apply soundtracks directly from your personal music library, visual filters to create the perfect look, and share directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. MONTAJ is uniquely an iPhone app, taking full advantage of the iOS's built-in capabilities, and pushing them to new limits. Many features, such as voice-over, sound mixing, Shake to Shuffle, and the rendering engine, are a triumph of software engineering in the Apple environment. To simplify the editing process, MONTAJ makes editing decisions for the user by allowing them to take only 5 second clips that can be randomized by the simple “shake” of the iPhone creating the perfect “MONTAJ.”

The revolutionary app is the brainchild of a talented and forward thinking duo, Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long; two California natives passionate about breaking down barriers to creative expression and savoring life's greatest moments. As adventurers and creative minds that have an innate love for art and expression, Demir and Dan sought to expand the way we appreciate, capture and share memories.

“MONTAJ isn't about video editing; it's about storytelling. We wanted to create a tool where the technology takes a back seat to creativity,” said Dan Long, Co-Creator of MONTAJ. CEO and Co- Creator Demir Gjokaj adds, “We've spent our entire lives watching TV and film, but this generation wants to tell its own stories. We hope MONTAJ can help accelerate this exciting cultural moment and unlock the creativity in us all.”

“I look to invest in companies that I can relate to, that make the world a little better, and a little more creative. As an investor, MONTAJ is a perfect fit. As a creative, I admire their singular focus on making the world a more creative place,” said Adrian Grenier.

Music industry veteran, Jason Flom elaborates that “The MONTAJ team understands how critical music is to the future of the video space, which is something a lot of people don't seem to get. Their smart management and particular focus on unlocking creativity made me want to invest.”

MONTAJ provides a tool for the everyday consumer to the creative professional. The app offers its users inspiration through a network of founders that thrive as influencers in music, art, film, culture, and other verticals that explore artistic expression. These founders are part of the main video feed that give users access to explore the world of video–and of course, users can follow all their friends on their personal feed. MONTAJ is our generation's premiere tool to unleash creativity and capture life's best moments all in the palm of your hand.

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