More Banks Now Accept Apple Pay

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Apple Pay’s influence continues to spread, with an additional 17 American banks now accepting it as a form of payment. With these additions, Apple Pay is now accepted in over 1,600 credit unions and banks across the United States alone.

Apple Pay is a service that Apple has provided for Apple Watch and iPhone users, enabling them to use the device as a form of payment as opposed to their physical money. The service stores your debit and credit card details, as well as other forms of payment sensitive information, and allows you to access them via your device.

Here is a complete list of banks that now support Apple Pay:

• Woori America Bank
• Trius Federal Credit Union
• Town & Country Bank (UT)
• Town & Country Bank (IL)
• The Peoples Community Bank
• TexasBank
• SouthPoint Bank
• Simplicity Credit Union
• River Town Bank
• River Cities Bank
• Postel Family Credit Union
• Ohnward Bank and Trust
• Northern Michigan Bank & Trust
• Merchants Bank of Indiana
• Marion & Polk Schools Credit Union
• First Security Bank of Arkansas
• Enrichment Federal Credit Union

Outside the banking sector, Apple has stated that 35% of US retailers now accept Apple Pay as a means of payment.

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