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More Info on 2020 5G iPhone Revealed; Apple Could Sell 200 Million Models

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has shed new light on what to expect from iPhones in 2020, and details about the 5G chips coming to the phones.

Following an ugly legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple began working with Intel to source its 5G chips for new iPhones, but just a week ago, the company decided to pull out of the project altogether.

Now, Qualcomm and Apple will partner for chips on upcoming iPhone models, but according to Kuo, that’s not the only chip manufacturer Apple will work with.

Sources suggest that both Qualcomm and Samsung will supply 5G chips for the iPhone 5G, reportedly in an effort to reduce supply risk, increase Apple’s bargaining power, and to lower costs of manufacturing and contracts.

Following Apple’s legal woes with Qualcomm, it would be unwise for the company to hedge all of its bets on a single company, as they could pull out and cause a delay in production.

According to Kuo, Apple will use Qualcomm chips in markets with mmWave spectrum 5G and use Samsung 5G chips in Sub-6GHz markets.

The company is expected to ship 5G iPhones in the second half of next year, which would fall in line with Apple’s usual September product unveil and release strategy.

Bolstering Demand

With 5G technology just around the corner in many major markets, Kuo has argued that a new iPhone with 5G capability would create a wave of demand for new products.

Kuo, who is a reliable Apple source with many correct predictions over the years, has predicted that the company will ship between 195 and 200 million iPhones in 2020, up from a prediction made earlier in the year of between 188-192 million iPhone shipments.

Apple appears to be going full steam ahead with its 5G iPhone production and testing, with many reliable rumors from numerous sources surfacing in recent weeks.

What’s important to note, however, is that there’s a possibility the hardware could be delayed if Apple and its new 5G chip suppliers cannot reach an agreement or implement the technology in time, though with a year and a half to go, it’s unlikely that the company will run into major problems now.

Samsung has already unveiled its first 5G-capable smartphone, though the company this week decided to cancel a number of press appearances and delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold until next month, following a number of display issues when the device was set to journalists for review.

Apple is also reportedly working on a foldable display for release in 2020, though little is known about what the company might include in its product.

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