More Musicians Fondly Remember Prince as iTunes Pays Tribute

The tributes to Prince are continuing to flood in following his unexpected death last week. Many musicians have recalled their happy memories of Prince in interviews given to The Guardian, while the iTunes Store is dedicating a space to the funk legend’s music and other projects.

Azealia Banks said that Prince’s death was “a real bad day for individuals in our culture”, opining that “Prince is from a time when music was real and not so manufactured. Even when he did pop stuff he had a way of doing it with style.”

Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor told of seeing Prince performing live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire venue in London in 2014. He enthused that, while the two-hour set was packed with classics, B-sides and “overlooked gems”, it remained “Prince’s expression of joy that I remember the most.”

Peaches declared Prince “the greatest living performer”, adding: “He took James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and every female diva, put them all together and made it his own.”

Head to the recently set-up shrine to Price in the iTunes Store, and you can browse through a crowded catalog of his creative endeavors – including not only his classic and recent musical releases, but also his movie projects. Among these are the 1980s big screen drama Purple Rain, which shares its name with one of Prince’s most revered albums.

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