More Pictures Emerge of Apple’s New Spaceship Headquarters

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Apple has been making it a point to make their new headquarters’ plans newsy. They’ve been flashing the same couple of pictures to us for months now. We need to know more and see more than just those few pictures. We know it’s being referred to as a spaceship design, but we need more than that.

Architect Norman Foster has put together a very involved plan for the future “spaceship” building, and we’re finally getting a glimpse of all that it will entail. This 2.8-million-square-foot creation will still reside in Cupertino, in a man-made forest. We can see in the images that it’s not just round like a spaceship, it actually looks like the underneath of a spaceship. It wouldn’t be surprising to see stairs descend from the underside and little green men with bulging eyes peering out.

As you would expect, it’s all in glass and a material that is best described as polished silver. From the cars that are depicted in the parking garage, everyone at Apple must be making a lot of money. I’m not sure how they’ll still have the cash to pay employees that much after financing this extravagant building, but every car in this garage looks to be a brand new sports car. Although outside of the garage a man on a bike and an Apple shuttle bus are shown, so apparently not everyone will be rolling in the dough. Additionally, in a picture that seems to resemble a cafeteria, not a single person is eating. They’re all just sitting around.

You can see more pictures of the design at You can decide from looking at these pictures whether you want to work for place where you’ll drive a splash sports car, yet not be allowed to eat.

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