Most Popular Games on iPhone in 2023 No matter which way you look at it, mobile gaming is big business. At the end of 2022, the global market for mobile games was valued at over $180 billion.

RAID: Shadow Legends | iPhone Game
RAID: Shadow Legends | iPhone Game

Industry experts believe the value of this market sector will continue to rise over the next decade, and fast. By 2032, less than ten years from now, the value of mobile gaming is expected to more than quadruple.

According to recent studies, mobile gaming is now thought to make up over 60% of the total gaming market. The battle for supremacy between Android and iPhone is ongoing, with iPhone currently receiving almost 30% of the market share.

A huge factor in iPhone gaming’s phenomenal success is the vast range of choices available to players. Puzzle games, strategy games, casino games, sports games, fantasy games… if a genre of game exists, it’s available on iPhone.

Of course, some games have generated far greater appeal, wider audiences, and higher revenue than others. So, as we reach the second half of 2023, what are the most popular games to play on iPhone?

Alto’s Odyssey

Ever since titles like Temple Run exploded in popularity, the “endless runner” genre has become a staple of mobile gaming. Following up from the 2015 release of Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is one of the best examples available in 2023.

Not only is this endless sandboarding game challenging and fluid to play, but it’s also mesmerizingly beautiful. Perfectly suited to the sharp picture and easy control of iPhones, it’s no surprise Alto’s Adventure has captured global attention.


In the 21st century, slot games and mobile casinos have become one of the world’s most ubiquitous gaming genres. Constant innovation, endless choice, and the chance to win real money prizes have made it irresistible to vast global audiences.

Some of the best examples to play on iPhone are found in the impressive range of games from Jackpotjoy. Thanks to the platform’s free daily spins offer, Jackpotjoy players can enjoy all the rewards with none of the risk.

Monopoly Go!

One of the most popular board games ever created, Monopoly has been a staple in family households since the 1940s. Since computer gaming began, Monopoly has been repeatedly adapted, almost unchanged, to every format the digital world has offered.

Monopoly Go! for the iPhone is the most recent, and popular, revival of this most classic of games. Faster, more extreme, and with global multiplayer options, Monopoly Go! is giving this old dog a new lease of life.

RAID: Shadow Legends

A complex and immersive role-playing battle game, Raid: Shadow Legends has been steadily gaining popularity since its 2018 release. Players, in the character of an ancient warrior, are tasked with defeating Dark Lord Siroth and restoring peace to Teleria.

Proving small screens don’t need to mean small worlds, RAID uses incredible 3D animations to create fantastically absorbing environments. Deep customization options alongside complex and engaging content, plus multiplayer gaming, have established Shadow Legends as one of the best.

Among Us 

One of several games that received a boost in popularity during 2020, Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game. Similar to the modern parlor game, Werewolf, Among Us challenges players to find the imposters among their ranks.

Four novel space-themed settings – The Skeld, MIRA HQ, The Airship, and the planet Polus – are available to choose. Once selected, 4-15 players then work together to complete tasks while imposters attempt to sabotage their work.

Royal Match

Through a jaunty soundtrack and amusing cartoons, Royal Match has made itself one of 2023’s most appealing puzzle games. At its core, it’s a variation on the sort of symbol-matching games that have taken mobile gaming by storm.

Players are required to match groups of three colorful symbols in order to clear the grid and progress through levels. Multiple levels, bonus rooms, and coin collection side quests all combine to keep players engaged for many hours of gameplay.

Mech Arena

Adding strategic development to a classic battle format has made Mech Arena one of the most addictive iPhone games. Fundamentally, it places multiple “mech suit” wearing players into an arena for a series of winner-takes-all battle royales.

The more you play, and win, the more options you unlock for upgrading and customizing your mech suit. Every decision you make affects your chances of success in future battles, creating a compelling sense of investment and control.

The beauty of all these games is how easy it is to access them and begin playing. All a player needs to do is load the relevant mobile website or download the game’s app to their phone. Some games require a brief and non-invasive registration, then gameplay can begin with just a few touches. In only moments, any iPhone owner can begin the journey to finding their own favorite mobile games.

So, which of these most popular iPhone games are you going to try first?

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