Mountable Mac Pro goes on sale for $6,499

Apple’s new rack-mountable Mac Pro has been made available for sale.

The company teased the rack-mountable version of its new powerhouse computer last year, though when the Mac Pro launched last month, only standalone versions were available.

This new unit, which is built under the same specification as the regular Mac Pro, is $500 more expensive than the base model but comes with rack-mounting rails in their own box.

Users will receive a Mac Pro with an 8-core Intel Xeon W CPU, 32GB of memory, a Radeon Pro 580X GPU, and 256GB of flash storage as standard, though each module can be upgraded individually for an additional fee.

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to opt for the base model and have each module upgraded at home, where parts are much cheaper.

Indeed, if you want the fully-specced Mac Pro out of the box, you’d need to spend $50,000.

Professionals regularly rack mount their computers and machines in production facilities and for use as servers, and as the Mac Pro is designed for audio and video work, we expect this new version to be popular amongst power users, looking to build their own unique set-up.

When users receive their new Mac Pro and rails, they’ll be able to slide their new device into the rack and place wherever they want to, whether in a studio, home office, or a data center.

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