MoviePass subscribers horrified they were unknowing being tracked after leaving the movie theatre


MoviePass gives subscribers unlimited access to movies each month for just $10 a month…oh, and it tracks their movements when they leave the movie theatre. That’s according to MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe. After bragging about the app’s location tracking feature earlier this week, MoviePass has now issued a statement clarifying the comments. They have also updated the app to remove the feature.

The update removes this “unused app location capability” and while they do not go into detail about the feature it is very likely to be the same feature Lowe discussed earlier this week. During the interview Lowe commented:

“We get an enormous amount of information…We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards.”

This tracking feature was not outlined in the company’s privacy policy, the only access users knowingly give to the app is when they agree to use their location when selecting a theatre. They are unlikely to remove this function, but they claim they are no longer tracking where users head after the movie. When attempting to clarify the situation they said they are “exploring utilizing location-based marketing” and for example, will use locations to suggest nearby restaurants for subscribers once the film has finished. They claim they are working to improve the “overall experience” for users.

Are you subscribed to MoviePass? What are your thoughts on their location tracking features?

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