MTV Debuts Music App for iPhone

MTV may not play a lot of music on its network anymore, buy it is bringing music to your smartphone.

After success with an app that curated content from its roster of shows, the network has rolled out an app that will connect users with musicians — and help them discover new acts.

On Thursday, the network debuted MTV Artists, a new app exclusive to the iPhone, that offers everything from artist discovery to retro archives to bio info from well-known acts to curating exclusive content from artists.

And unlike popular music-based apps such as Shazam, iTunes and Pandora, MTV opted for the multi-functional approach.

Like Shazam, the app quickly indentifies tracks playing, but it goes a step further and allows the user to type in what little lyrics they do know to identity a song.

An artist search offers bio info and related acts for more than 1 million musicians. The app has also curated a deep archive of retro footage, interviews and news reports from back in the day (when MTV actually ran a ton of music content and not just reality shows).

The app will also house original content such as live performances and first listens, streamline artists’ social media feeds and allow users to buy albums, singles and concert tickets.

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