MySaver Kickstarter Project Will Save You Against Costly Repairs

I eat, sleep, and breathe technology. Everything from tablets and phones to gaming consoles and computers. And there has always been one glaring issue with all of my devices that rears its head at the most inopportune of times. I’m taking about the never-fail situation of waking up one day and finding a fray or a split in one of my cords.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replaced a faulty cord because it literally “broke in half.” It seems that no matter how advanced our consumer technology gets, we always seem to end up with incredibly flimsy charger cables that for some reason cost astronomical amounts to replace. And although I love my Apple devices (iPad and Iphone), Apple is easily one of the biggest offenders when it comes to this.

Apple’s 32 pin OEM connector cables have an incredibly thin casing that is very prone to fraying and snapping if it’s twisted in the wrong direction. Because of this, I am always afraid of storing my cable in a wound-up state whenever I take a trip or am forced to place my devices into a carrying case. I always freak out and end up stretching the cord out and putting it in a suitcase to ensure the head of the charger doesn’t get bent and snap off.

But a Kickstarter project is now promising to solve my problems forever. A gentleman by the name of Thomas Lehman has received all the funds necessary to launch the development and sale of his genius product: the MySaver cable protector. This small device, which is made of high grade silicone and aluminum, hooks directly over the point where the Apple charger and pin connector head meet, ensuring that the flimsy wire covering cannot split or break. The actual cover is only around the size of a US Quarter, meaning that it’s not going to “bulk up” the cord when it comes to storing it.

This small insert could end up saving you quite a bit of money. At a cost of only USD $24.99 (expected) it’s well worth the investment. Authentic replacement cords can cost upwards of USD $40.00. Not to mention if you end up breaking your replacement cord too. This is a great invention and a very cost effective way to prevent damage to your device charger.

These nifty little clips even come in a variety of colors to give you a little customization. Currently, the released colors stand as follows: Gun Metal, Silver, Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue.

Unfortunately though, we aren’t exactly sure when these nifty little damage preventers are going to hit the market. This step in Kickstarter was the initial, albeit very successful, step in gaining funding. We are definitely going to keep on top of developments for this product and will reach out to the creator to see if we can get any more information for all of you out there who have already dealt with the death of a charger cable.

Until then, just take a look at these photos which were taken directly from the Kickstarter campaign page. These shots should definitely get you excited about the development of these clips and motivated to purchase some.

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