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Need Help Remembering All Those “Game of Thrones” Characters?

The Game of Thrones television series features a variety of characters across a mass of locales. There is a constant array of individual story arcs and character developments going on in each episode. But still, even with the mass of information, the developers for the visual series have managed to keep everything corralled, making it easy for viewers to understand.

That’s not necessarily the case for the show’s original base, George R.R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire book series. The six book series has hundreds of characters, and it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all of them, specifically since the author doesn’t show an adoration for any one character and instead gives all of them semi-equal stage time. There may be an easier way to keep up with all the commotion, though, if you decide to (or already are) delving into the book series.

The developers at Random House have crafted a very extensive-looking guide, one that will help you to keep track of all those different characters. This isn’t the first time a company has crafted a guide to help with the memorization of roles, but it is the first time that someone has taken the time and put forth the effort to create a cohesive guide that doesn’t outright spoil the storyline. In fact, that has been the main complaint with a lot of the guides available, that they have a tendency to release spoilers through character synopsis.

Random House’s guide is much different, though, and the group has taken a lot of care to ensure that no spoilers are released during your reading sessions. Upon first opening the app, you’ll be able to choose exactly where you are in the storyline, and the app will adjust how much information it feeds you for each character to ensure it doesn’t accidentally skip ahead of you. It’s really reassuring, especially since A World of Ice and Fire has such a lush storyline with a mass of plot twists.

The app looks amazing, too, with beautiful character art, a great (easy to read) color scheme, and some unique backgrounds. It’s really surprising how much time that Random House spent on art, considering that this was simply meant to be a guide and not much else.

You can grab this beautiful, smart, and expertly designed app from the App Store for free, but you’ll have to purchase a variety of in-app packages if you want access to every possible character from the series. The initial package costs USD $4.99, the second comes in at USD $1.99, and the other four can be had for USD $.99. That means you can get access to everything and everyone for approximately USD $11.00. That’s a small price to pay, and it’s really worth it to “donate” to the developer for putting forth such a great effort.

Photo Credit: Random House & George R.R. Martin

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