Netatmo Launches HomeKit-Ready ‘Healthy Home Coach’ Device

The French company Netatmo has launched a new home monitoring device, the Healthy Home Coach, which you can use in combination with your iOS device, HomeKit and Siri to keep track of the air quality, temperature, humidity, and noise level in your home.

The Healthy Home Coach can help to improve various aspects of your health at home; it can, for example, allow you to discern an optimum noise level for more comfortable sleep and guide you in tweaking with a humidifier to ensure suitable humidity levels for an asthma sufferer.

The device can also let you know when you should adjust a room’s ventilation to achieve air quality more conducive to good concentration, and tip you when your home’s temperature isn’t suitable for you. A variety of information about the health of your home environment can be quickly glanced over within a single app on your iOS device.

Netatmo has also claimed, reports MacRumors, that it’s possible to ask Siri how healthy your home is – and, in response, get an audible diagnosis sourced from the Healthy Home Coach. The Healthy Home Coach can now be purchased for $99.99 from Netatmo’s website.

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