Netflix Eyes TV Gaming Expansion, May Turn iPhones into Controllers Netflix Takes Major Steps Toward Expanding TV Gaming and Transforming Smartphones into Controllers

Netflix Games

Netflix, the world-renowned streaming service, is reportedly on the brink of significantly expanding its gaming platform to incorporate TV gaming. A hidden code found within the company’s iOS mobile app hints at the possibility of using an iPhone as a game controller for this endeavor. This development could reshape the way users interact with and experience Netflix’s gaming services.

Netflix’s Gaming Background

In November 2021, Netflix introduced its gaming platform for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, adding a new dimension to its streaming services. The gaming catalog features a range of titles, many of which are tie-ins to popular TV shows, such as Stranger Things 3: The Game. These games are released as individual apps on the iOS App Store, with the full catalog maintained within the Netflix app itself.

Netflix’s gaming service operates on a model similar to Apple Arcade’s, offering an ad-free experience without any additional fees or in-app purchases. This approach is designed to keep customers engaged with the streaming service while they await new episodes or seasons of their favorite TV shows and series hosted by the platform.

Potential Expansion into TV Gaming

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman notes, extending gaming services to TVs would be a major expansion for Netflix. The streaming service is already built into numerous smart TVs and is available on various platforms, including Apple TV. By incorporating TV gaming, Netflix could tap into a vast user base and potentially revolutionize the way people consume gaming content via streaming services.

Using iPhones as Game Controllers

The hidden code discovered by app developer Steve Moser within Netflix’s iOS mobile app contains references to TV gaming, including a line that reads, “A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?” This development suggests that Netflix may be exploring the possibility of turning iPhones into game controllers for its expanded TV gaming services.

If successful, this could further enhance user engagement and blur the lines between streaming and gaming platforms.

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