Netflix iOS app now bypasses App Store subscriptions


Netflix is encouraging consumers to sign up for its service away from the App Store.

The streaming giant has added a new Subscribe button which takes people away from the iOS app towards its website, where they can set up and amend their subscriptions. The news comes after Apple confirmed it would let developers of “reader apps” offer a link to sites to manage accounts and subscriptions.

By Apple’s definition, reader apps are apps that display content from third-party platforms on iOS, including videos, music, newspapers, books, and magazines. Netflix has implemented the change on its own app, allowing users to once again subscribe to Netflix and enjoy content from their iPhones.

When users tap on the new subscribe button, a pop-up warning says that Apple has no responsibility for payments made on third-party websites and that refunds cannot be granted through Apple. The move means that Netflix won’t have to pay Apple’s 30% commission fee for new subscriptions.

What’s interesting to note, however, is that Netflix stopped allowing users to subscribe at all on iOS back in 2018 to prevent the company from taking a 30% cut. This latest move is better for consumers, allowing them once again to download the app and access content without needing to head to a browser.

The news comes at a time when Apple is facing increased criticism from developers and governments around the world about its unfair policies in regard to the commission it takes from sales.

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