Netflix making a movie about the GameStop stock-market mess

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Last year’s stock-market problems caused by GameStop was a story that showed how a group of small people, who are using nothing more complex than, for example, Robinhood, and are operating from Reddit, can cause complete chaos among big stock-market players. Seeing how a lot of movies about the stock market have been successful – e.g. The Big ShortThe Wolf of Wall StreetWall Street, etc. – it is no surprise that Hollywood’s biggest players have decided to work on projects about this amazing real-life story.

Gamestop movie

Recently, we have gotten information that Netflix is working on one such movie, with the streaming service’s beloved star, Noah Centineo, aimed for a principal role in the movie about one of the biggest stock-market events in recent years. Aside from Centineo, we know that Mark Boal, Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Hurt Locker, is in talks with Netflix to write the movie, with New York’s Scott Galloway being hired as consulting writer, while other pieces of information are still quite scarce, as it seems that the movie is still in very early stages of development. This means that we should not be surprised if the movie gets scrapped at some point in the future.

Netflix’s adaptation is set to be the second, after MGM had already bought the rights to Ben Mezrich’s yet-unwritten book The Antisocial Network, chronicling the events surrounding the incident. We have no doubt that the movie is going to be great, although you might brush up on your financial knowledge, especially if you had a hard(er) time following The Big Short; this movie promises to be even more complex in that aspect.

GameStop movie | Game Over

If the movie really ends up being produced by Netflix, we are certainly going to be happy, as Netflix is available on all Apple devices to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.