Netflix Will Take Sound to ‘Another Level’ with New Update

Netflix has announced plans to take its sound quality to “another level”.

A new update will improve audio quality and bring viewers “closer to what creators hear in the studio,” the latest innovation from the world’s most successful streaming service.

As the race heats up with Apple and Disney both announcing their streaming services set to launch later in the year, it’s clear that Netflix is looking for new ways to offer more to its users and encourage them to stick around – especially considering trials and new services will make it harder for the company to hold on to its market share.

Following the introduction of Dolby Atmos support on the Apple TV 4K last year, Netflix now promises to take its audio quality to a new level.

Speaking of the new release, Netflix said: “Today we’re excited to announce a new feature, high-quality audio, which takes our sound quality to another level.

“We gave it this straightforward name because it fits: high-quality audio delivers audio that sounds closer to what creators hear in the studio, so every little detail is captured for a richer, more intense experience.”

Netflix’s new high-quality audio is adaptive, meaning that you’ll get the best possible audio quality depending on your connection, bandwidth, and device.

A smartphone, for example, probably won’t require the same high-quality audio files delivered as a home entertainment system, so the new audio scales to devices and offers users more control.

“Additionally, if you have bandwidth or device limitations, we’ve made the feature adaptive so that we will deliver the best possible audio to match your capabilities. This is similar to what we already do for video,” Netflix said in a press release.

Most devices that support Dolby Atmos or 5.1 audio will be capable of receiving a new sound quality, with 5.1 support available from 192 kbps (offering good sound quality) up to 640 kbps (offering “transparent” sound quality) and Dolby Atmos support from 448 kbps up to 768 kbps – although this is only available to users who subscribe to Netflix’s Premium plan.

To promote the sound experience, Netflix released a video explaining the processes and technology at work, as the streaming giant gears up for the release of Stranger Things 3.

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