Never Mess Up Lyrics Again – TuneWiki 4.0

Have you ever been jamming out to a good song and had the sudden and powerful urge to sing along? If you have, then you’ve probably found yourself stumbling over the lyrics a time or two. It can be incredibly hard to decipher exactly what a singer said, especially when it’s a band or artist that has an incredibly unique vocal range. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sung a small section of a song in the company of friends who were more than eager to tell me how wrong I was and what the right lyric is.

Sure, you could go online and type in a song title and scour Google for a lyrics site that may or may not have the correct lyrics. But that’s time consuming, and you’re not guaranteed that you’re reading what the artist actually meant. Luckily though, the brand new TuneWiki 4.0 is here to help you sing along faster and more accurately than ever before.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because TuneWiki was actually released back in 2009. However, developers and fans alike weren’t very happy with the finished product and eventually it ended up disappearing altogether from the Apple App Store. Many speculated that developers just decided to scrap the project, but we now know that they were instead focusing diligently on upgrading their database and interface respectively.

This beefy update includes a lot of upgraded features, as well as some new tools. Here is a look at what you can expect, quoted directly from;

  • The world’s largest database of scrolling lyrics to your stored library of music – in 40+ languages!
  • Unlimited Song ID with scrolling lyrics
  • Read artist bios and see their music history
  • Share lyrics or photos with friends about the songs you love
  • Find top fans of the artists you like and follow them to get music recommendations
This app even works in unison with your playlist, giving you lyrics and updated information without you even having to seek it out. Just play your song and TuneWiki will pick it up from there. This is a must have for all you music fans out there, and you can grab it for free right now at the App Store. Keep in mind that TuneWiki 4.0 was designed for use on the iPod Touch or iPhone platform with compatibility on iOS 5.0 or later.

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