New ads promote Apple’s privacy and sustainability

With a new web page and several animated ads, Apple is highlighting the key differentiators of the iPhone. The page is currently live on Apple’s German website and is likely to roll out to other countries very soon.

Apple confirms the belief that the iPhone is more than just a device. From energy efficiency and recycling to privacy, each iPhone is the product of important design decisions made along the way. Each of the six text animation ads demonstrates a particular decision in the process.

This new iPhone feels a lot like the “Switch to iPhone” TV ads and “Life is easier on iPhone” website that Apple has previously used to market exactly what it is that makes the iPhone unique.

These ads have a particular focus on sustainability and in one caption Apple even describes how features like iMessage are designed to be environmentally friendly:

Every time you send an iMessage, you’ll help us, our goal – a future in which everything is clean energy – come closer. For every iMessage sent comes from our data centers, we operate worldwide with 100% renewable energy. That means every day are sent billions of iMessages with solar, hydro and wind power or natural gas.

Apple’s environmental initiatives aren’t exactly new, but they have received extra attention this year. Earth Day 2018, for example, saw Apple unveiling Daisy, a next generation assembly robot. This effort coincided with the launch of the Apple GiveBack recycling program.

Privacy and security have also been huge areas of focus for Apple. iOS 11.4 includes a new USB restricted mode for added device protection, and the upcoming reboot of Apple Maps will rely on data that’s collected anonymously. In an interview last month, Tim Cook even addressed the company’s stance on privacy and social issues.

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