New anti-Valentine’s Day app "Cupid’s Carnage" allows players to personalize their gaming

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Nuke Town Records announced that they will launch their anti-Valentine’s Day themed app, ‘Cupid’s Carnage’ next week at New York Nolcha Fashion Week, Thursday February 14, at the ultra-chic Yotel ( The app features pop star Guinevere’s new single ‘FLY AWAY’ and allows players to personalize their gaming experience by pasting photos from their Facebook or iPhone of themselves, their exes or enemies onto their characters and its targets. Players can shoot their way to the next level, achieving virtual revenge! As you move through the levels, users can collect coins to earn new weapons like missile arrows, fire arrows and ice arrows as well as unlock new remixes of ‘FLY AWAY.’ The launch, presented by RUSK(R) features a complimentary open bar provided by DonQ Rum, will give media and fashion week attendees a chance to unwind, mingle, play the game and meet Guinevere!

Guinevere does not advocate real-life violence, but a self-proclaimed gamer, she does enjoy annihilating fictional enemies in the virtual world through video games.

“It is meant to be in good fun, and an entertaining way to relieve your anger towards those who have hurt you in the past, without ever causing any real harm,” says Guinevere.

Guinevere’s single, ‘FLY AWAY,’ produced by Cirkut of Dr. Luke’s camp, features Guinevere’s in-your-face attitude, world-class production and intricately crafted lyrics and melody, all which help tell a story of liberation. “I consider this a positive song, with a clear, strong message that you can break free. Everyone has experienced being stuck in a bad relationship at some point in their life. It’s that moment after you’ve decided to let go, and you feel a sense of joyous freedom – you can be yourself again. It’s not about an ending as much as about a new beginning.” Guinevere’s ‘FLY AWAY’ music video will be released along with her single.

‘Cupid’s Carnage’ will be available on iOS platforms as of Valentine’s Day, Thursday Feb. 14, 2013. Players can enjoy placing faces of people they know on their virtual targets and then annihilating them, allowing their character to “FLY AWAY” to the next level. RSVP to the contact above.

Nuke Town Records/PRNewswire

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