New antitrust bill would “threaten iOS privacy” says Apple


Apple has said a new antitrust bill would threaten security on iOS.

This week, US Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced an updated version of the American Choice and Innovation Act, designed to address concerns lawmakers and the technology industry had about proposed changes. Now, Apple has hit back and said it remains ‘concerned’ about the bill.

Speaking in a statement, the company said: “Governments and international agencies worldwide have explicitly advised against sideloading requirements, which would empower bad actors who want to target users— including children— with malware and scams, and make it easier for data-hungry companies to track users without their consent.”

“We believe the proposed remedies fall far short of the protections consumers need and urge lawmakers to make further changes to avoid these unintended consequences.”

The American Choice and Innovation Act, which was first announced last year, is designed to put restrictions on technology giants, and stop them from favoring their own services over others. Revisions would allow companies like Apple to defend the privacy features it introduces, but the company would still be forced to offer controversial “side-loading” options to bypass the Apple App Store.

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