New App Can Make iPad Second Screen for PC or Mac

New App Can Make iPad Second Screen for PC or Mac

If you regularly work using a PC or Mac, and also happen to have an iPad, you could up your productivity by as much as 48% if you change that iPad into a second screen for your desktop computer. That statistic comes from the makers of a new app, called Duet, which is available from the iOS App Store and can indeed enable you to use your iPad in this way.

Though there are already apps like this available for the iPad, they tend to use WiFi to establish a connection between the PC or Mac and the tablet, which can pose unique problems. Duet instead connects using a wire – to be exact, the tablet’s charging cable – and so can leave you free to start using the second screen without any major delay and also make better use of the iPad’s touch-screen.

Even the process of setting all of this up is quite straightforward; it simply involves downloading the app onto the iPad, downloading software from the Duet website onto the desktop computer and then restarting the computer.

Duet can be used with any desktop computer with a minimum of OS X 10.9 or Windows 7, and any iPad that uses iOS 7 or higher. It can even be used to turn any iPhone with iOS 7 or higher into a second screen! The iOS app costs $15.99, while the desktop software is free.

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