New Apple Glass details emerge, could unlock iPhone automatically We could see the first AR glasses from Apple later this year.

New details have emerged of Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality headset, with a new feature that could help users avoid having to unlock their iPhones when wearing the device.

According to a new patent, the glasses would automatically unlock devices such as iPhones and Macs, similar to how the Apple Watch currently unlocks Macs.

Apple first applied for the patent back in 2018, called Authenticated Device Assisted User Authentication, and it has now been granted, allowing the company to offer authentication by proximity as an exclusive feature.

The patent describes the technology as: “Many electronic devices restrict access to various features based on authentication of the identity of the user. When multiple devices are used concurrently, procedures for unlocking each device individually can delay user access and reduce the quality of the user experience.”

“The authenticated device is operable to detect the proximate device to determine an intent of the user to access the restricted-access function of the proximate device while the proximate device is in the locked state, and to emit authentication data.”

“Based on the authentication data, the proximate device identifies the user as an authenticated user and enters the unlocked state from the locked state, such that the restricted-access function of the proximate device is accessible to the user.”

The patent also suggests that Apple Glass could add different authentication levels; for example, picking up an iPhone when wearing the glasses could simply unlock notifications.

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