New Apple Music for Mac based on iTunes code, not iOS port

The new Apple Music app for macOS will be based on iTunes code rather than a direct port from iOS, as we’ve previously seen with apps like Home, Voice Memos and Stocks.

As previously reported, Apple will break up iTunes into several smaller apps in macOS 10.15, including a new dedicated Podcasts app, Apple TV, Apple Books app, and now Apple Music app, designed to streamline the iTunes experience and remove some of the bloat that’s commonly associated with the software.

iTunes has been packaged alongside macOS (previously OS X) since 2001.

Mac version of Apple Music

According to new reports, the new Apple Music app on macOS will be built on AppKit, and based off of iTunes rather than serve as a port from iOS.

The new application will include the majority of the advanced features that iTunes users know and love, including smart playlists, advanced library management, the ability to sync with iPods and iOS devices, and the ability to read and burn discs, something many feared was going to be removed.

The new release, which will come packaged with macOS 10.15, will simply be a rebranded version of iTunes with some new features and renamed to Music as it was on iOS.

It’s the latest step to remove the bloatware associated with the software and encourage users to sign up for trials or membership on services like Apple Music and Apple TV+, launching fall.

It’s also been reported that Apple will allow users to download an older version of iTunes for those who require additional features, like the App Store, ringtones support, and legacy tools that won’t be included in the new Apple Music package on macOS. More on that as we get it.

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