New Apple Pencil to be launched this month?

We don’t have a date for Apple’s October event yet but the speculation is increasing as to what we can expect to see with more evidence emerging from trusted Apple watchers and insiders.

For instance, reports that a new version of the Apple Pencil is due to appear alongside a new iPad Pro with FaceID. People familiar with the area say that the new Apple Pencil will pair with the iPad Pro by proximity similar to how the Apple AirPods and HomePod work already.  Switching between the devices will be possible without connecting the Apple Pencil to a charging port and it is unclear whether there will be backward compatibility with the existing model of Apple Pencil.

Pencil in the date

Bloomberg News had previously reported that Apple was working on the new Apple Pencil and software tools to use the stylus device last year but not many details have emerged since apart from a the discovery that Apple had filed a patent for a more precise drawing tool that incorporates ultrasonic technology.

The existing Apple Pencil retails at $99 and was launched along with the original iPad Pro in November 2015 and hasn’t been upgraded since although it gained support for the sixth generation 9.7 inch iPad earlier this year.

The received wisdom about the new iPad Pro is that it will have a true edge to edge display, no home button and wide bezels rather than a notch in order to better accomodate the TrueDepth camera and sensor array necessary for Face ID to work in both portrait and landscape modes.

There is still no official date for the launch event as of yet but watch this space as you will know as soon as we do.

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