New ‘archive’ feature on Instagram lets users temporarily hide posts

Instagram has started to launch a new “archive” feature which will give users an alternative to permanently deleting posts from their feed. This feature responds to the fact that a user may delete their post for a number of different reasons, such as if they don’t receive enough likes in a certain period of time, and instead gives them another option.

When a post is archived, it is no longer visible to the public but remains in the service for the user to republish it as they wish. To do this, simply tap the three dots next to one of your posts and choose the archive option. From there, you can view all of your archived posts by going to your profile page and tapping the clock icon in the upper right hand corner.



Instagram have said that this feature is way for users to create a “private space for personal viewing of old posts” and provides a solution for users if they want to create a certain theme on their profile. It also helps Instagram ensure that users will return to the app. A spokesperson from the site stated that “the company will expand the availability of the archive option over the next few months as it continues to iterate on it.”

This new feature has started to roll out and should be available to all users within the coming months.

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