New Betas released for iOS 12

Yesterday Apple released the latest beta versions of its highly anticipated new iOS 12.

The public beta version 9 is now live as is the developer beta 10. You can sign up here if you haven’t already.

The later betas traditionally tend to have fewer tweaks and changes to them because we are at the end of the beta testing period. The public iOS12 launch is right around the corner in September and is a near certainty to be launched alongside the new iPhone range.

And the Beta goes on

So it’s as good a time as any to recap what we do know about the new iOS 12 and the major new feature it will bring to all iPhones and iPads next month.

  • The flagship iPhone X range will see new “Memoji” launched – which are animated, customizable and personalized Animoji that can be used in Messages and Facetime. They will also be available in camera effects in both of those apps.
  • The much anticipated Group Facetime support with up to 32 participants in a single chat was expected to be released but was removed in beta 7 and while not available at launch, is hoped to be reintroduced later this year in an iOS 12 update.
  • Improvements to Siri with a new Shortcuts feature to allow users to create multi-step customized automations with first and third-part apps activated by Siri voice commands. The Shortcuts app is also available as a beta in the Apple Developers Centre.
  • Screen Time will let users keep track of how much time they are spending in apps and App limits brings parental controls to limit and track kid’s usage.
  •  Do Not Disturb becomes simpler and more robust with new features and a Do Not Disturb at Bedtime feature totally cuts out evening distractions and sleep interruptions
  • Notifications become grouped and easier to manage while a new Instant Tuning feature lets users tweak their settings on the Lock screen on a notification by notification basis.
  • Apple News, Stocks, iBooks and Voice Memos get a polish – iBooks becomes Apple Books.
  • ARKit 2.0 is improved for apps with AR and a new Measure app to let users measure objects using AR is launched.
  • Apple Maps is revamped is rebuilt to display areas in greater detail and accuracy. There are also significant improvements to traffic, real-time road conditions, construction and more and Apple have promised to push out changes and fixes more quickly in future.

As we know more about iOS 12 including the official launch date – so will you!

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