New Britney Spears Album Glory to Stream Only on Apple Music

New Britney Spears Album Glory to Stream Only on Apple Music

In another blow to Spotify, Britney Spears has revealed that Glory, her new album and first in three years, will be available for streaming exclusively on Apple Music from August 26.

Hailing the new album “the beginning of a new era”, Spears has further told her Twitter followers that Glory is also available to preorder on the iTunes Store. Anyone preordering Glory will get an instant download of one of the upcoming album’s tracks, “Private Show”.

Apple Music has scored an impressive list of exclusives during its relatively short time as a player in streaming music – including Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour LIVE, which captured on video her November concert at the ANZ Stadium in the Australian city of Sydney, and Drake’s album Views.

It’s unclear how long Apple Music will keep the streaming rights to Spears’ new album. In the case of Drake’s release, the exclusivity window lasted a week; however, it could turn out to be much longer for Glory, given that no details about exactly when the exclusivity will expire have been made public.

In any case, Apple Music has developed a reputation for getting much exciting music first, which should hold it in good stead against the current music streaming market leader, Spotify.

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