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New Confide ‘ScreenShield’ SDK protects against screenshotting

The popular private and secure messaging app Confide is now boasting a new feature that will prevent users from taking screenshots within the app. The team behind the app is also planning to develop SDK technology that can be used by other app developers.

This SDK feature is ScreenShieldKit, preventing screenshots, screen recording, QuickTime recording, screen mirroring, Xcode screenshots, and viewing an app’s contents within the App Switcher on both iPhones and iPads.

Currently there is no dedicated API to prevent screenshots on iOS as there is on Android which is why ScreenShieldKit is using a whiteout feature. This means that when you enable ScreenShieldKit in an app, any screenshots that are taken will be blank other than a single status bar at the top.

Confide believe that they’re the first to develop this technology for iOS devices. The tech already protects against screenshots by revealing only one line of text at a time but the new feature that’s currently being implemented into the app will provide even more protection.

The app also already uses end to end encryption and erases messages after they’ve been viewed. However, while it will prevent on device screenshots, there is still no way to stop people from taking photos of an iPhone’s screen with another device.

Confide is offering the ScreenShieldKit to developers and the Confide app with the feature built-in is available to download on the App Store for free.


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