New details emerge of Apple Watch sleep tracking

Apple could be set to introduce a new sleep tracking feature on this year’s Apple Watch, according to sources inside the company.

Ever since Apple acquired Beddit, a sleep monitoring product, and companion app, speculation has been rife around the company’s plans for a sleep tracker.

Today, several sources have revealed that Apple has been working on a sleep tracking feature for the Apple Watch, which would not require additional hardware to work.

Indeed, the feature is expected to work on old and new Apple Watches and could be announced next week when the Cupertino firm will show off a trio of new iPhones and an all-new Apple Watch featuring titanium and ceramic casing options.

Apple has codenamed the new sleep tracker Burrito, and the sleep tracking feature is called Time in Bed tracking, allowing users to wear their Apple Watch in bed and receive a report when they awake as to how they slept, which is useful for those trying to improve their sleep and spend more time resting and recovering.

When users are asleep wearing their watch, Apple will track the quality of their sleep using sensors and inputs, taking into account things such as heart rate, movement, and noises.

Data will then be available via the Health app on the iPhone and the Sleep app on the Apple Watch, and Apple could alert users to poor sleep or even make suggestions on when users should go to bed.

Battery life during sleep

One issue that many users will have wearing their Apple Watch during sleep is battery life.

Apple has reportedly developed a new feature that would remind users to charge their Apple Watch before bed so it will last them through the night, and again in the morning so they can use their Apple Watch all day.

When users wear a Watch during bedtime, Apple will turn off their alarm should they awake and start their day before their alarm goes off.

Apple will also play an alarm on Apple Watch rather than an iPhone to offer a more relaxed start to the morning, and there’ll be a new bedtime feature which will enable Do Not Disturb automatically when users go to bed.

What’s more, Apple will introduce a new complication for sleep tracking.

When will Apple introduce sleep tracking to the Apple Watch?

It’s unknown when Apple will announce the new feature or whether it will work with all previous Apple Watches, but we’ll likely hear more at this year’s September Event, which takes place next week.

Are you looking forward to this new feature? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter and check back soon for more Apple news and rumors as we get closer to Apple’s Special Event.

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