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New details emerge of Apple’s new Bluetooth beacon product

New details have emerged of Apple’s new Tile-inspired product.

Earlier in the year, Apple announced Offline Finding for iOS 13 as part of the new Find My app, allowing users to find devices when they’re lost or stolen, even without cellular data.

The technology that works behind the scenes to make this happen is called Search Party, which broadcasts and receives Bluetooth beacon signals so that other iPhones and iPads can relay the location of lost or stolen devices back to their original owners.

Indeed, the feature even works when the device is asleep, creating a “dark wake” state that will broadcast a Bluetooth beacon signal, which is then encrypted by Apple and rotated to ensure everyone’s information and location are left secure and private.

As well as introducing the new Find My feature, Apple is widely reported to be releasing its own small Bluetooth beacon device that uses the same tech as the Find My app.

Similar to Tile, the new device could be attached to keys, wallets, and other personal items that are commonly lost or stolen.

According to new code strings within iOS 13, Apple could introduce a new ARKIt “star” that hints at where the device has been located, making it easier to find keys at home.

These beacon devices could be “leashed” to an iPhone or Apple Watch so that a user will know when their device is out of range, alerting them to a break-in or pickpocket.

There’s no word on when Apple will announce its Tile product, but it could come next month during its September Special event, where the company will show off its new iPhones, Apple Watches, and announce the release dates of software and services.

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