New face filters launched on Snapchat for iPhone X

iPhone X Snapchat filters

Snapchat has just launched a series of completely exclusive filters that only work on the iPhone X. The three face filters take advantage of the TrueDepth camera and incorporate ambient lighting and slightly blur the background, similar to Portrait Mode’s style.

If you have an iPhone X you can choose from either a tiara, a wrestler mask or a bejewelled face mask, but sadly all other users are missing out. The launch of these filters was teased last year by Apple, and finally, they have been released to the public.

The face filters don’t sound all that exciting at first glance, however, they are like no other filter we have seen. While normal filters on Snapchat use a 2D image of your face to roughly guess what your face looks like, the new filters can sense depth by mapping a 3D image of your face and the results are undeniably great. These filters look far more realistic and use the same technology used in Face ID and Animoji.

Sadly, Snapchat cannot add these filters to older models of the iPhone, and we’re not sure the new filters would sway us to buy the $999 iPhone X, but they are certainly a fun addition to the phone.

iPhone X Snapchat filter

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