New Figures Show Windows 10 with Under 10% Market Share

Windows 10 has been freely available for most Windows users since July – but the operating system has still ended 2015 with desktop user market share of just shy of 10%, according to new statistics.

The operating system saw an increase of nearly a full percentage point during December – having, as reported by VentureBeat, jumped from 9% in November to 9.96%. However, NetMarketShare figures indicate the slowing growth rate; last month saw this rate fall below 1% for the first time.

Microsoft has been eager to boost the Windows 10 user base, having resorted to noticeably pushy tactics recently. However, it hasn’t so targeted users of Windows Vista and XP, the respective market shares of which surprisingly rose by 0.01% and 0.34%.

In fact, Windows XP has remained the choice of 10.93% of desktop users – a staggering statistic considering that Microsoft dropped support for the fourteen-year-old OS in April 2014.

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